(c) En route for Prades, nestled in the mountains is a small village called Eus. In bygone days it was fortified and dominated by an imposing 18th century church built on the ruins of the old castle. The only remains of the castle are some sections of the walkway which lead into the Postern gate and a room with a vaulted ceiling behind the apse of the church. Eus is a pedestrian village where it is pleasant to wander along the steep alleyways edged by vegetation, cacti intermingled with mimosas. In the lower village a visit to the 10th century chapel of St Vincens (Vincent) is a must. Its two naves are separated by cruciform and monolithic granite pillars. Surrounding the church are centenial Cypresses which keep watch over the cemetery. Come and discover craftsmen, artists, the local and regional shops. Enjoy the festival “Nits de Canço i de Musica” organised by the Boris Vian Foundation in August..

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Town Hall Tel : 0033 (0) 4 68 96 06 27
Fax : 0033 (0) 4 68 96 10 29

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