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Evol - land of History and Literature

A village with spell-binding charm, land of history and literature. Not visible from the main road that goes from the plains up to Cerdagne, Evol is a village where all the roofs are covered in slates. The cutting of the slates is a speciality of the inhabitants of this village and is carried out during the winter months. The village has an important heritage: a sturdy and impressive feudal castle, which dominates the village, the chapel of St Etienne and St André’s chuch which have withstood the test of time . Evol was first mentioned in 957 when its grounds were sold to the Priory of Ripoll. Evol then became part of the territories of the Count of Cerdagne, and was given exclusively to the Viscount of So. As you wander through the winding and flower-decked streets appreciate the typical features of the agricultural world: bread ovens, fig drying houses, straw barns, interieur courtyards.......... Rooted in the flanks of the Madres Mountain for 800 years the feudal castle is classifed on the supplementary list of historic monuments. At the end of the village is the St André’s church, also a classified historic monument. This architectural group dating from the early Romanesque days, contains a remarkable baroque interior including the altar piece of St John the Baptist which remains a masterpiece of Catalan History. You cannot leave the village without visiting the museum of traditional and popular arts or the work place of Ludovic Massé, born in the village, he was a writer, a story teller and Catalan bard.

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