The Romanesque route
The Conflent is extremely rich in romanesque art which can be found in the towns and villages of this region.
Here are some of the best examples:


The Abbey of St Michel de Cuixa

The Abbey of St Michel de Cuixa just a short distance from Prades is a thousand year old vestige of romanesque art. Not to be missed are the belltower, the 11th century crypt, the remaining part of the imposing cloisters, and the 12th century gallery. In Spring time the Abbey’s Iris garden offers the visitor an enchanting spectacle.

Abbaye St-Michel de Cuxa
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The Abbey of St Martin du Canigou

In 1009 at the express wish of Guifred, Count of Cerdagne and Conflent, the Abbey of St Martin du Canigou was founded and built on a rocky spur at the edge of a precipice. To reach this romanesque edifice you will have to walk 40 minutes on a winding path from the village of Casteil. Silently nestling in a bosky bower the visit of Saint Martin du Canigou will offer some peace and tranquility.

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The Priory of Marcevol

The Priory of Marcevol which dominates the valley of the Têt, was founded by Canons of the church in the 12th century.

Fondation du Prieuré de Marcevol
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The Church of Corneilla de Conflent

The Church of Corneilla de Conflent, a jewel of romanesque art, is on the list of historic monuments.

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Cami de la Torre
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