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Two Spa stations look forward to your visit any time between the Spring and Autumn..............
Vernet Les Bains

a charming arboretum and Spa town just 11 kms from Prades, awaits your visit. Treatments for respiratory problems, rhumatism and well-being. Rudyard Kipling lived here for some time and the Princess of Battenburg and her suite came to take the waters. The only monument to the “Entente Cordiale” in France can be found in Vernet.

Office du Tourisme de Vernet Les Bains
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Molitg Les Bains

a peaceful and exceptionally serene Spa station is only 8 kms from Prades. For a short time Pablo Casals lived here and enjoyed some of the treatments in a black marble bathroom found in the luxury quarter of the Spa. Treatments for respiratory problems, skin disorders, rhumatism, allergies, asthma, painful joints, relaxation and well-being.

Thermes de Molitg Les Bains
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Experience a spa session in the open air at St Thomas les Bains There are 3 bathing pools, a lagoon pool (deep for swimmers) a jacuzzi with jets and a paddling pool for little ones. These pools are fed by thermal springs which are amongst the hottest in the Pyrénees (58°c).

The water is cooled without adding cold water and can vary depending on the climatic conditions between 34°c and 38°c.


Saint Thomas les Bains
66360 Fontpedrouse
Phone : +33 (0) 4 68 97 03 13


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