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Prades, situated at the heart of Catalan Pyrenees life at the rate of a rich culture. Between gastronomy and Catalan language, party and traditionelles dances. Discover the main assets of an earth to the strong roots Blood now.


The Saint Jean's day

The feast of fine's St Jean, feast of solstice to summer and to freindship, it's a recent  tradition Catalane.

Each village send her commission at a summit of Canigó a sunday who preced the Saint Jean.

The group take with her a bundle of sticks in wood at the name of the village who be left all around he cross of Canigó.

It's the flame buring in 1964 at the Catillet of Perpignan by Joseph Deloncle and Jean Iglésisof Cercle de Jeunes, with magnifying glass concentrate ray of sun on a branches of olive tree and of bay picked in the garden of Jacint Verdaguer who set alight the pyre of Canigó at the 22 june at midnignt. This flame since, keep at the Castillet is lift at the summit of Canigó to be regenerate.

She's then handed down in other villages of Catalogne where be arrived and celebrate.

This celebration is accompanied by the bunch of the St Jean composit of four herbs scientific icked themorning of the 23. The tradition want to be a leaf of walnut an other of St John's wort and a third of everlastin flower and of orpins. This bunch be sometimes again hang at the door of habitants for attract the luck  and the happinesse in the home. Aundant be the Catalans who make again, but the true recipe is forget.


The catalan's flag

In Catalan "la senyera", this traditionnal flag it's composit of four white bands horizontal of red color on yellow bottom représentative blood and gold. The origine rest légendary and goes back up at IX centuries : his represent a trac of four fingers bloody of Guifred le Velu (count of Arria, born in Ria next to Prades) on is gold shield. Official since 1979. He's present on over public's bulding and at over official actions in Catalogne.




La Festa Major

It's a traditionnal feast Catalane who celerete the Saint Patron of the city affect. The duration of celebretions it's generally several days ans integrated activity like a concerts, representations of theatre ans show of street, populary chocolate ans grill (costelladesboutifarradescargoladesouillades, etc.), Cobla, des cercavila, exposure of Castellers (human pyrramid), correfocs (devil dance with a fire)…




The Sardane « La Sardana »

The Sardane it's a traditionnal dance Catalane where the danceurs, in cercle, takes her hands, with the music of an group instrumental nominate cobla. This term designated also the music who acompany the dance.


Les Goigs dels ous

They Goigs dels ous (hymn of eags) are in a center of a traditions Catalanes during the feast of Easter. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. It's a old hymne liturgical whitch appaer at the XIIème century.


They Giants "Els Gegants"

Inherit to medieval ritual pagan, the tradition of Giants be assimilated at the feast of carnival. This tradition pervail in Barcelone and,  encourage by the Catalans of south, she's learn again in the village of Catalogne of North.

They Giants of catalogne are Giants bear by a person. A structur in wood or metal be on soulder and head of the porter.

They Giants are primarily in duo and represent a person traditionnal Catalans. The village blend a Sardane play by Cobla (band Catalan who use this music instrument :

 "flabiol" with tabourine, tenora, trumpet, trombone, fiscorn and double bass at three strings), they Giants dance on this during the meeting.





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